Selenite Massage Wands 6"

Selenite Massage Wands 6"

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Selenite Wand , Large Polished Selenite Crystal Wand Stick, Selenite Massage Wand ,Healing Reiki Massage Stick.

Selenite is believed to be a powerful protection stone. Healers have used it to cleanse the mind, body and spirit of negative energy. Selenite is also known to cleanse any other stones that are being used in healing practices and meditation.


Here are some ideas on how you may get the best from your Selenite massage wands.

  1. After a long day at work, you may find your feet and lower body tired. Perhaps after a shower and when you are ready to meditate, sit in a comfy chair and place the selenite wand under your feet. You may have heard of Shakti Gawain, who has a fantastic guided meditation where you picture the energy from the Earth moving up your body through your feet. A great idea is to use your selenite in the same way, feeling the energy of the Selenite transfer through your feet and up into your body.
  2. Another fantastic method is to use it as a negativity eraser. Ultimately, we want to guide the mind and body to do what we need it to do. If you feel a lot of negativity going on around you, use the massage wand across your body to remove the negative energy of the day.
    For those who are massage therapists or energy healers, you may like to use it to get rid of the negative energy from your day's work. Run it over your arms, shoulders and legs and create an image of the negative energy leaving your body.

How you use your selenite massage wands is up to you. Hopefully, the ideas above are helpful and you get the most from this amazing crystal.