Selenite 2" Round Charging Plate

Selenite 2" Round Charging Plate

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Selenite represents the spiritual light and cleanses all surroundings. Its one of the most sacred crystals throughout history.

Meditation, universal love, Positive thoughts.


Clean and smooth surfaces SELENITE round Shaped plate.
Selenite, Crystal Cleanser & Charger, Sacred Crystal, Meditation 

2" round plates, Approximately 2"x .5" 

These plates are hand carved. Perfect for holding to your favorite set of gemstones, jewelry or use them just for display.
A perfect way to recharge your crystals, and to enhance the positive energy in your  home.
An amazing addition to your sacred space.
Great for gifts!
As selenite is soft the rim edge may have some markings such as cracks and scratches . Please allow some imperfection as it's a natural item.