Lapis Lazuli Chakra Pendulum

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Natural Lapis Lazuli main stone

(chakra stones: red agate, rose quartz, tiger eye, green aventurine, aqua marine, treated blue sapphire & amethyst)


Faceted Point, size approx .75"




Place your elbow on a solid surface with wrist slightly bent for stability.                  Holding the Pendulum properly keeps it still and stabilized.                                                                                                                                                                                  DO NOT HOLD IT FROM THE BEAD AT THE TOP!  Place the pendulum chain (middle of chain) between index finger and middle finger. Let the rest of the chain rest on the ring finger (bend ring finger in a little) and press on the chain that's on the ring finger with thumb to hold it in place. (see photo below) This will allow the Pendulum to stay in place with no play in movement. The Pendulum should be still.  You can use either hand, which ever is your dominant usually is the better one to use. Which ever you feel more comfortable to use. Now just relax!! Your subconscious  knows the answers you will be asking (if for your self). The Pendulum is also a key into the spirit realm. It can answer questions from deceased family/friends. You can also use it to help others get some answers they are looking for. The pendulum will show you the answers from vibrations from your sub-consciousness, causing it swing.                                                                                                                                                                                  Before you start asking it questions, hold the pendulum properly and tell it what direction you want it sway for YES or NO. Example: while holding it, tell it you want it to sway up & down (to-from you) for "YES" answers. Once it starts to sway, tell it to stop. Then tell it to sway back & forth (left to right) for "NO" answers. Repeat the steps for other answers. You can also use a Pendulum Mat that has other answers like, maybe, rephrase and don't know. If the Pendulum starts to swing in a circle, that means it doesn't know or its confused by the question. Have it stop and rephrase the question.  Start by asking it simple questions that you do know, like my name is______.  Keep the pendulum with you at all times so it gets to feel your body's vibration and it will also absorb info from your subconsciousness.  Then start asking it questions that you don't know the answer to.

Enjoy learning and working with this wonderful Dowsing Pendulum. They are great for information and excellent gifts to others!